Research Assistance


NCIGS volunteers do research in response to requests sent via postal delivery or by email.  Sources for their research are the extensive NCIGS Library, Mason City and Cerro Gordo county cemeteries, the Cerro Gordo County Courthouse, and sometimes sources within the nine counties we serve.  Please complete the form and also indicate sources already searched so we will not duplicate your work.

Our current charges are $10.00 ($15 non-members) per hour research and report time, plus copy charges and postage.  Moneys received for research are used to recover our costs and add to our library resources.  We need to have $10.00 ($15 non-members) before proceeding, and any additional charges need to be paid before requested information is sent to you.  Please fill out the form with what information you already have.


Research Request Form


Fill out the following form AFTER you have copied and pasted it to your email or Word. 

Send to:      or Mail to: NCIGS, PO Box 237, Mason City, Iowa 50402-0237

Your Name:____________________________________Email address:___________________________

Mailing Address:_____________________________________________Telephone:_________________                                                                    

Information about person you want us to research:

·         First___________________ Middle ___________________Last Name______________________

·         Birth date: __________________________ (spell out the month) Maiden Name_____________

·         Birth location: City________________County_______________State______Country__________

·         Death date:___________________________________________________(spell out the month)

·         Death location: City_______________County_______________State______Country__________

·         Marriage date: ________________________________________________(spell out the month)

·         Marriage location: City_____________County______________State______Country__________

·         Father’s full name:_______________________________________________________________

·         Mother’s full name (include maiden name:___________________________________________

·         Siblings’ full names:______________________________________________________________


Please specify exactly what you want us to find for you and what resources you’ve already researched. 
Be specific, as we do not want to waste your money repeating research you’ve already completed.